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Contact Lens

The Contact Lens Service evaluates and fits patients of all ages. Patients who require correction to improve vision may wish or even need to wear contact lenses to maximize their vision. The service provides its patients with the newest devices and the latest information available.

Apart from cosmetic lenses, contact lenses allow normal vision for people with a wide range of medical conditions. These include patients with keratoconus, who have had complex cataract surgery or corneal transplantations and those with irregular or scarred corneas. Infants and young children often have various visual conditions that require a contact lens so that their vision system can develop normally. The Contact Lens Service at Mahajan Eye Hospital offers all types of contact lenses:

1 Hard lenses
2. Gas-permeable
3. Daily-wear soft Lenses
4. Extended-wear contact Lenses
5. Colored Lenses
6. Disposable Lenses
7. Cosmetic Lenses (to change eye color)
8. Specialized keratoconus Lenses.

Following a thorough ophthalmic examination, a patient's potential for successful contact lens wear is objectively evaluated. A computerized topographic map is created for each eye. Once the lens type has been properly selected, trial and specialized fittings of the lenses are undertaken, along with complete handling and care instructions. When the fit of the lens is judged to be satisfactory, the final design is ordered. Close follow-up is provided to insure proper and complete patient care.

As a major eye hospital, Mahajan Eye Hospital offers the latest in contact lens technology.