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Cornea and External Diseases

The Cornea Service treats patients with disorders of the cornea and the conjunctiva and sclera. Conditions affecting these parts of the eye can cause redness, pain and decreased vision. We are also involved in the latest refractive surgery procedures to treat nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness.

Each patient is carefully examined by our doctors and then an individualized treatment plan based on the latest and best therapies is provided.

The Mahajan Eye Hospital’s Cornea Service is dedicated to improve vision, preventing corneal and external diseases of the eye and providing the best patient care available.

Corneal Consultations

Patients with a cornea problem will undergo a complete examination of the cornea. In addition, a thorough slit lamp evaluation, measurements of cornea curvature, corneal thickness and specular microscopy (to evaluate the endothelial cells on the back surface of the cornea) may also be performed. After the examination we will discuss the diagnosis and treatment options with you.

Corneal Consultations
• Emergency and Trauma
• Refractive (Spectacle Removal) Procedures:
• Laser Procedures:
• Lasik,
• Bladeless Lasik,
• Lasik Xtra,
• PRK,
• PTK.
• ICL and Toric ICL
• Kamra Implant
• Intacs
• Keratoconus Treatment :
• C3R
• Intacs
• Lamellar / Penetrating Keratoplasty
• Dry Eye Management:
• Contact Lenses
• Punctal Plugs
• Keratoplasty (cornea transplant) :We have a complete EYE BANK and EYE DONATION center where our surgeons offer following procedures to our patients
• Lamellar
• Penetrating
• Stem Cell Transplant