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Donate Eye - General Information

1. Eyes can be donated only after death.  Eyes are too precious to be buried or burnt.
2. Eyes can be collected at Hospital, Residence, and Mortuary or at the place of death.  An estimated30 lakhs corneal blind are waiting for somebody to donate eyes.
3. One pair of eyes can give vision to two corneal blind individuals.
4. Eyes should be donated within 6 hours after death.
5. Removal of eyes takes only 20 minutes and does not disfigure the face.
6. Eyes are collected free of cost.
7. Our eye bank works 24 hours all through 365 days.

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In the hope that I may help others I hereby make this gift, if medically acceptable, to take effect upon my death. The submissions in the form indicate my desires. I give my eyes for the purpose of transplantation, medical research or education.  I further direct my next-of-kin, herein named, to execute this gift after my death. I have informed my kith and kin accordingly and there will be no objection from them.